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1/2" Square
Includes belly, scroll and panel balusters.
3/4" Square
Ideal for use with larger Hand Rails.
9/16" Square
Square balusters have a Hammered design
Round 1/2"
Round 1/2" balusters have a light "tree bark" textured pattern.
Round 9/16"
Flat Black.
Round 5/8"
Tubular Balusters 5/8" round. 44" long.
iron newels
Iron Newels are offered in several styles in a selection of finishes.
Shoes, Knuckles, Install
Iron Shoes, Install Adhesive, Handrail Brackets and Knuckles
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Horizontal Round Bar - Hollow
Price: Email for quote, include your Zip Code
Horizontal Round Bar - Hollow
1/2" or 5/8" diameter x 8' long. Heavy Duty - Thick Wall Tubing. Available in Satin Black and Stainless Steel.
Iron Baluster Finish
Price: Baluster Finishes
Iron Baluster Finish
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