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Double Hung Replacement Sash - Putty Glazed

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Fixed & Double-Hung Sash

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Thickness: 1-3/8" & 1-3/4"
Glazed Single Pane (SS) non-tempered clear (option of double strength)
Construction: Clear Pine - Open mortise and tenon
Glass set in Bedding Compound
Putty Glazed
Plowed for weights and cords (option of plain rail-no plow)

Dimensions of 1-3/8" sash: Overall Size
Stiles &Top Rail: 2-5/16
Bottom Rail:      3-3/16
Check Rails:     1-1/4
Muntin Bar: 5/8" overall (1/4" between) standard. Option of 7/8" overall.

Sash Opening Sizes:
Top Sash: Width= Glass + 4-5/16; Height= Glass + 3-1/4
Bot Sash: Width= Glass + 4-5/16; Height= Glass + 4-1/8
Fixed Sash: Width= Glass + 4-5/16; Height= Glass + 5-3/16 (Beveled or bottom rail)
Double Hung: Width= Glass + 4-5/16; Height= 2 x Glass + 6-3/16

Open Mortise Joint
Open Joint Mortise

Bottom sash edge view
Side View of Bottom Sash