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Door Louver Inserts: Chevron Style

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Louver Door Inserts - Chevron Louvers 

*For 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" thick doors.

20" & 24" wide inserts have a vertical mullion to support the louvers.
For 20" or 24" wide with no center support, request a quote at (800) 518-0781 or  E-Mail 
Unfinished Alder

Clamps on door from both sides. Screws show on one side.

Approximately 35% cubic inch free air-space. 
Download Air-Space per louver and comparison chart.

The hole in your door must be 1" larger than listed size.

Size is listed by Width first and then by Height

Chevron Louvers (louvers slant down from both sides of the door as pictured below).

Line drawing is for representational purposes only. Actual item may vary.
Inserts clamp over the door from both sides. Exposed screws connect one side of the kit to the other side.

Approximate overall size of the frame is 1-3/8" larger than our listed size.
Example a 12" x 12" louver insert will fit in a 13" x 13" door with the overall frame at about 13-3/8" x 13-3/8". 

Need a custom size or specie (Red Oak, Mahogany-Sapele, Cherry or Maple)? Call us at (800) 518-0781 or  E-Mail
*Note: Our products are made for 1-5/16" and 1-11/16" thick doors. Your door thickness may vary.  This can make the louver insert appear to not fit tightly. 
This is a condition of the door and not our kits and is not a condition for refusal of the product. 
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