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Plain Double Door Kit - No Keystone

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Double Door Plain Surround Kit - No Keystone
For Double Door Heights 96" and smaller (modified on the jobsite for your height).
For Double Door Widths between 64" & 72".
*To determine if your door width will work with the listed door surround kits please see the *OPG note below.

*OPG: Measure your door width from outside of your home including brickmould and any other special condition 
(lighting, doorbell, address block or anything found on either side of the door).

If your OPG is larger than the OPG listed below then narrower pilasters may be required - consult with our sales staff.

Fypon Pilasters cannot be used to attach a screen/storm door. You must have a brickmould or flat casing to accomplish this.

Item Number      Components *OPG Pilaster Width Crosshead Width Crosshead Height
DSKD05P966 PIL5X108P, WCH96X6 85-1/2" 5-1/4" 96" 6"
DSKD07P939 PIL7X108P, WCH93X9 79" 7" 93" 9"
DSKD08P969 PIL8X108P, WCH96X9 80" 8" 96" 9"
DSKD07P9612 PIL7X108P, WCH96X12 82" 7" 96" 12"
DSKD08P9612 PIL8X108P, WCH96X12 80" 8" 96" 12"

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