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Custom Wood Exterior

We feature Spanish Cedar and Pine with priming and other wood species available:  E-Mail for Quotation
Louver shutters available with louver spacing (visible slat size) of  1”,   1-1/8”,  1-1/4” STANDARD,  1-1/2”,   1-3/4”,   2”
The following specifications will give you our layout with those slats :
The louver section must measure in multiples of  the louver spacing size. The center rail will be twice the spacing size or in multiples of that size.
1-1/4" slat: The louver section must measure in multiples of 1-1/4. The center rail will be 2-1/2" (or multiples of 2-1/2)
Stiles and top rail are  2-1/4". Bottom rail is approximately 4". Top and bottom can be adjusted to match your height.
Raised panel (raised 1 side) have stiles and top rail 2-1/4". Bottom rail is about 4-1/4". Cross rail is 2-1/2". Square sticking; Panel thickness 5/8" with edge of panel to raised face 1-3/8" visible.
Wood is a natural material and if not properly maintained, will deteriorate and rot. 

Wood shutters must be primed and painted on ALL sides with a minimum of 2 coats of paint.

Wood shutters should not be installed flush to a surface.  If you are not using shutter hinges then install the shutter with an 1/8" gap between the wall and the shutter to allow air to circulate.

Measuring For Shutters

Always measure in inches

A — First, measure the width of the opening between casings on the outside of your window. Take that measurement and divide by two. This will be the width of the shutter you will need.

B — Next, measure the height from the top of the sill to the header casing. Specify this as the height of your shutter.