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Disappearing Stairs

Why We're the Best!

      1. Our piano hinge reaches across the entire width of the stairway meaning it is more rigid and stronger than other type stairway hinges found in the big box.  Cuts out air leakage at head of stair and does not interfere with trim carpenter.
      1. EVERY tread has  a 3/16" ladder rod with large washers to keep our stairs rigid and prevent bending or separation under heavier loads.
      1. Heavier gauge hardware arms and reinforced bottom section hinge at stress point.
      1. All wood parts (except on aluminum models) selected for density and load bearing capability.
    1. Molded stringers, treads and handrails. Eliminates splinters, eases edges, and enhances finished millwork appearance.
See bottom of page for more details!
    4" Stringer and Tread
    Residential Use 250# rated. 1 x 4 Treads. Heights to 10'.
    6" Tread, 5" Stringer
    Residential Use 300# rating; 1x6 treads for easy walk up. Heights to 10'8"
    Model 800
    Residential Use 350 lbs. Aluminum treads & stringers. Heights to 10'.
    Model 1200
    Residential Use. 350# Capacity. Aluminum Treads & Stringers for lighter weight. Heights 10' to 12'0"
    Model BE119 60 Minute
    BE119 - Residential Use 350# capacity: 1 hour rated; 1 x 6 Treads. Heights up to 10'8".
    • Full width heavy duty piano hinge
    • 3/16" steel ladder rod under each tread
    • Selected Kiln Dried Southern Pine Lumber
    • Reinforced Door Panel
    • Stringers, Handrail and treads (aluminum treads on 12' model)
    • Finished Millwork Appearance
    • Safety Locknut to Secure Spring Arm to Ladder Section
    • Adjustable spring tension
    • Nuts, Bolts and hardware plated or painted to prevent rust
    • Completely Assembled; Ready to install with instructions supplied.
    • EASY 1ST Step down from Attic for Personal Safety
    • 9-1/2" Tread Rise on All Folding Stairs
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