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Chamfered Lamp/Porch Post

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Chamfered Lamp/Porch PermaPost®
5-1/2"w x 96"h  

This PermaPost® is composed of a polyethylene shell which surrounds a galvanized steel pipe and polyurethane foam filler.

Use as a Lamp Post: an attractive way to light a drive or garden area. 
The 2-7/8″ pipe is designed to allow a wire to be easily installed.  
Fits most outdoor lamp fixtures.

Use as a porch post for a clean attractive look.

  • Bottom Width 5-1/2"
  • Top width 3-1/2"                  
  • Bottom Block 46-7/8"
  • Top Block 4-1/2"
  • Turned area 44-5/8"
  • Height 96" plus 3" fixture collar
Weatherproof, rot, and bug resistant.

Paint Tips:
PermaPost is made from a low maintenance white polyethylene that is designed to be left unpainted.
If painting is desired, follow paint manufacturer's recommendations for painting polyethylene surfaces.
Do not paint using dark colors. Dark colors are considered any color that falls within the L value of 56 to 0. "L" is a measure of lightness of an object, and  ranges from O (black) to 100 (white).
Galvanized pipe used in center makes the electrical hook-up a snap.

    Item Number: 82001
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