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Fypon Millwork

  • Resists moisture, bug infestations, warping and cracking.
  • Textures available: Smooth, Sandstone, Woodgrain, and Stone. 
  • Comes pre-primed and ready to paint or stain. Finish coat is required to maintain warranty.
  • Lightweight and does not require special tools.
  • Use a urethane-based adhesive (ADH1)  on all Fypon products.
Fypon reserves the right to hollow out the back of any product without notice. Some products may be made as assemblies.

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Urethane-based adhesive for all joint surfaces. Fits standard caulking guns.
Ashley Baluster
Urethane Balustrades are available in 3 Rail Sizes: 5", 7" and 12". The size designates the width of the Top and Bottom Rail.
Beams and Rafter Tails
Mesa, Tahoe, Rough Sawn, Hand Hewn styles; Pre-primed and ready to stain or paint. The Rafter Tails are decorative endcaps for rafters.
BKT22X30X8S woodgrain texture
Dentil Blocks, Brackets & Corbels. Available in Primed White and Timber (Woodgrain).
Ceiling Medallions
Decorative, Urethane Ceiling Medallions. Numerous Styles and sizes available
Column and Porch Post Wraps
Urethane Decorative Exterior Post Wraps can change unsightly posts into ageless beauties. Woodgrain or Stone texture available.
5 Ceiling Domes
Combo Rams Head Pediment
Urethane Crossheads, Arches, Keystones, Pilasters, Plinth Blocks, Dormer Trims, Shutters, Pediments, Kits and accessories.
Exterior Accents
Featuring: Appliques, Decorative Panels, Full Round Finials, Fixture Mounts, Spires etc.
Victorian Style
Decorative Urethane Gable Pediments and Pediment Kits available in several styles and sizes.
Decorative (no air flow) or Functional (allows air flow) in plain or woodgrain.
_rown Florentine MLD490-12
Magnificent Urethane Mouldings can transform any area from ordinary to extraordinary.
Close Out Item: 2 sizes
Louvered Shutters shown
Fypon Urethane White or Timber Woodgrain Shutters and accessories available in several styles. Window Panels are also available which can be used as shutters.
Pic: Decorative Block (TC4X7X96ST)
Urethane Stone Surround Systems. Arched & Flat Blocks, Keystones, Sills and more.
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ADH1: Loctite PL Premium Adhesive
Price: $13.99
ADH1: Loctite PL Premium Adhesive
10.2 oz cartridge Adhesive for All Fypon Products

Please note the product is factory pre-primed. The product must have a finish coat applied either prior to or after installation.
Painting prior to installation will require patching of fastener holes and touch up of paint. 

Finishing Touches - Primer Color match available at Sherwin-Williams
To better service our customers we have worked with Sherwin-Willams to formulate a color and sheen match for our factory-applied primer.

Fypon White:
Resilence Exterior Latex
Products # K42W51
Sheen: Flat
Base: Extra White
No colorant needs to be added to the formula.

Fypon Oatmeal:
Resilence Exterior Latex
Products # K43W53
Sheen: Satin
Base: Deep Base

Quart and gallon formulas below:

Quart Formula
W1 - White 4/32, 1/64
B1 - Black 7/32, 1/64, 1/128
R2 - Maroon 4/32
Y3 - Deep Gold 15/32, 1/64, 1/128

Gallon Formula
W1 - White 18/32
B1 - Black 31/32, 1/128
R2 - Maroon 15/32, 1/64
Y3 - Deep Gold 63/32