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Traditional, Embossed, Hand Carved, and Mon Reale® Poplar overlay.
Flexible and other hardwoods per request.

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All Traditional profiles in one place.
Back Band
Back Bands for casing thickness from 3/4" to 1-3/4"
Bar Mould
Bar Molds for 1/2" or 3/4" plywood cut outs.
Hardwood Base. Traditional, Embossed and Mon Reale®.
Bead Board
Includes Shiplap and Tongue & Groove
Blocks & Keystones
Crown (Pinch) Blocks, Plinth/Base Blocks, Corner Casing Blocks and Keystones
Hardwood Casing. Traditional, Embossed and Mon Reale®.
Chair Rails
Hardwood Chair Rail. Traditional and Embossed
Hardwood Base. Traditional, Embossed and Mon Reale®.
DH99 Door Header
Accent your door opening with a header and cap mould
Door Stop
Most profiles stock in Stain Grade Poplar, Red Oak, Soft Maple and Cherry.
Available in Mon Reale® (Poplar overlay) and Ornamental Embossed.
Shoe, Cove, Stringer
Shoe, Cove, Stringer, Head, OSC, Lattice, Quarter & Half Round, and Screen bead.
Panel Mould
Panel moulds including half rounds.
Rabbeted Stools (or window sills) available in 3 styles
Several sizes to choose from - all in 8'0" long.
Carved Cabinet Moulding
Close-Out: Contact us for quantity pricing!
A few of our casing specie options: