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Traditional, Embossed, Hand Carved, and Mon Reale® Poplar overlay.
Flexible and other hardwoods per request.

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All Traditional profiles in one place.
Back Band
Back Bands for casing thickness from 3/4" to 1-3/4"
Bar Mould
Bar Molds for 1/2" or 3/4" plywood cut outs.
Hardwood Base in Traditional, Embossed and Mon Reale.
Bead Board
Includes Shiplap and Tongue & Groove
Blocks & Keystones
Crown (Pinch) Blocks, Plinth/Base Blocks, Corner Casing Blocks and Keystones
Hardwood Casing. Traditional, Embossed and Mon Reale??.
Chair Rails
Hardwood Chair Rail. Traditional and Embossed
Hardwood Base. Traditional, Embossed, Carved and Mon Reale.
DH99 Door Header
Accent your door opening with a header and cap mould
Door Stop
Most profiles stock in Stain Grade Poplar, Red Oak, Soft Maple and Cherry.
Available in Mon Reale® (Poplar overlay) and Ornamental Embossed.
Glass Beads
Glass Bead secures the glass while adding a finished look.
Shoe, Cove, Stringer
Shoe, Cove, Stringer, Head, OSC, Lattice, Quarter & Half Round, and Screen bead.
Panel Mould
Panel moulds including half rounds.
Rabbeted Stools (or window sills) available in 3 styles
Several sizes to choose from - all in 8'0" long.
Carved Cabinet Mould - Close Out
Close-Out: Contact us for quantity pricing!
100's of profiles to choose from - Use on the interior or exterior of your structure.