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Chamfered Lamp Post:

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Price: $194.88
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Chamfered  Lamp or Porch Post:  

5-1/2"w x 96"h  

This PermaPost® is composed of a polyethylene shell which surrounds a galvanized steel pipe and polyurethane foam filler.

Use as a Lamp Post: an attractive way to light a drive or garden area. 
The 2-7/8″ pipe is designed to allow a wire to be easily installed.  
Fits most outdoor lamp fixtures.

Use as a porch post for a clean attractive look.

Width at bottom 5-1/2"; Top width 3-1/2"                 
Bottom block 46-7/8", Top Block 4-1/2", Turned area 44-5/8"
  • Weatherproof, rot, and bug resistant.
  • Paint Tips:
    • PermaPost is made from a low maintenance white polyethylene that is designed to be left unpainted.
    • If painting is desired, follow paint manufacturer's recommendations for painting polyethylene surfaces.
    • Do not paint using dark colors unless using a reflective paint. Dark colors are considered any color that falls within the L value of 56 to 0. "L" is a measure of lightness of an object, and  ranges from O (black) to 100 (white).

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